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Will My Lawyer Help Negotiate In A Personal Injury Case?

Do you know how to negotiate in a personal injury case? If the answer is no, you really need to read this article for information. You can discuss with a personal injury lawyer. The reason why you need to understand the negotiations process is that your personal injury case will likely never go to court – most personal injury cases do not.

Seek medical attention right away

Personal injury lawyers know that you need to see a doctor immediately after being involved in a personal injury accident. You will heal faster if you do. However, you will also have your injuries, their nature, and their progress officially and formally documented in the form of medical records. You and your lawyer can use these records as valuable evidence against the defense to obtain a higher settlement during the negotiations process,

Know your case’s value

You and your personal injury lawyer in Bellflower must know the monetary amount a judge and jury would award you in court for your case. This is critical because it will help you obtain the settlement you deserve in the negotiations process. It helps to know the different types of damages that can obtain a monetary settlement.

For example, special damages are entitled to compensation in California because they are expenses – whether they are medical, lost wages and income, or other expenses – that either result from or are related to the accident. General damages tend to include expenses caused by pain and suffering and other intangible hardships that are hard to measure in monetary terms. You and your legal team must know the degree of culpability that you have in the accident. If you are even partially at fault, your total settlement value from the defense could either decrease substantially or even disappear.

Record keeping

You and your legal team must keep good records during the negotiations process. This is crucial because you need tangible evidence in the form of records and other documents to prove that the defendant is guilty and legally obligated to pay you the settlement you are requesting. You really have no case either in or out of court if you have no tangible records to present.

You can win

Once you know the total dollar value of your case, you and your personal injury lawyer can send a demand letter to the defendant’s insurance company requesting that dollar amount to pay to you in a settlement. If you have a solid case with iron tight evidence that can’t be easily disputed, you will probably obtain that settlement amount!