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Will Move-Over Law Prevent Injuries To Construction Worker Working On The Road In California?

Road construction is a fact of life because states need new roads and old roads need to be repaired or rebuilt. This is especially true in California whose road infrastructure has suffered from lack of investment for a while. Road construction means construction workers will be constantly on the road. There is a slight chance that drivers may accidentally hit these workers, so California has implemented the ‘move over law.’ If you want more information on this, contact a personal injury lawyer in Baldwin Park.

What is the ‘move over law?’

While all states have enforced the ‘move over law,’ each state implements it in a unique way. If you ask a lawyer about the ‘move over law’ in California, he or she will tell you that this law requires you to move over into the next lane whenever you see a construction worker on the road. This is especially true if there is no barrier separating you from the construction worker.

This law has been in-force for more than a decade in California. A personal injury lawyer will inform you that you can face hefty fine, if you fail to move over when seeing a construction worker (on the road) He or she will tell you that the ‘move over’ law applies to emergency and construction vehicles on the side of the road. The unfortunate truth is that California has some unique drivers who don’t heed the law and fail to move over for construction or emergency workers or vehicles. The result is numerous accidents and even deaths.

A personal injury lawyer will tell you to always follow this law because you could be subjected to huge lawsuits if you don’t and you hurt or kill a construction or emergency worker. But in some instances, you could be severely injured, especially if construction or emergency workers don’t follow certain provisions of the ‘move over’ law.’ For example, you could sustain substantial car or bodily damage if a construction or emergency vehicle or equipment blocks the road making moving over difficult or impossible. You may also be completely unaware that you are driving into a dangerous work zone and need to move over simply because the construction and/or emergency workers forgot to or didn’t post road signs warning drivers of this.

When in doubt, go to the law

You should always seek legal counsel and help from a personal injury lawyer,if you are ever involved in a ‘move over’ accident regardless of who was at fault. Doing so could help you win your case in court. You could be eligible for substantial monetary awards.