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Quick Facts On Improper Settlement Strategies To Look Out For

Don’t’ fall for these ‘suspicious’ responses from insurance adjusters. Be sure to discuss all conversations with the insurance adjuster with your personal injury lawyer. If you are ever involved in a personal injury accident and file a claim or case, be sure to hire a personal injury lawyer. You’ll need to consult with him or her when dealing with the insurance adjuster from the defense’s insurance company. This is because the insurance adjuster is trying to save time and money by giving you the lowest settlement possible in as little time as possible. Sometimes, insurance adjusters try to do unethical and/or illegal things to do so.

Settle with the other company

Your lawyer may tell you to never call another person’s or business’s insurer even if he or it was more at fault for the accident. Just tell the insurance adjuster that unless informed otherwise by your personal injury lawyer in Placentia, you will be dealing exclusively with him or her.

You waited too long

The insurance adjuster may try this tactic if there is any delay between the time of the personal injury accident and the date which you submitted your personal injury claim. Tell the insurance adjuster that this is nonsense and that the only time limit that applies is the statute of limitations. Tell this person that the statute of limitations only applies if you sue the defendant in court. The same is true even if you file a claim with your own insurance company.

You weren’t out of pocket

If your insurance adjuster tells you that you are not entitled to a settlement because you were on paid vacation when you got into your personal injury accident, tell that person to mind his or her own business! This is especially true if he or she asks you if you have been paid by another insurance company. In for him or her that the collateral source rule makes this information completely confidential.

The California exception

There is one exception to the collateral source rule. It’s known as the California exception. It states that if your medical bills were $100,000 but you only had to pay $20,000, you can only collect $20,000 from an insurance company – namely the defendants. Keep in mind that if you live in California, and you are involved in a personal injury accident, the courts or the other insurance company will probably ask you if your insurance company already paid part of the bills. Tell them that this is none of their business and that you are just using those numbers as a basis point from which to calculate your final settlement asking amount.

You can outsmart the insurance adjuster.When in doubt, ask your personal injury lawyer if the insurance adjuster is acting fairly. If he or she is not, you now know how to outsmart him or her!