Public Transit Accidents Attorney In Placentia, Bellflower, Baldwin Park and Apple Valley

Public transit accidents seem to be increasing in some areas of California. This is most likely due to the increased traffic on the provincial roads in Baldwin Park, Bellflower, Apple Valley and Placentia and the related increase in number of people taking the public transit. The public transit system in these areas of California is excellent and are very effective at getting people from point A to point B making them very convenient.

Unfortunately, the convenience of public transit comes with a downside. The bus and Amtrak accidents are at a higher percentage than ever before where individuals have experienced physical injuries and property damage.

If you are one of the people who has experienced a public transit related injury, Braff Injury Law Firm is here to help. If you or a loved one is injured in a public transit accident, contact our firm to find out what we can do to ease the financial pain such an accident or injury causes. Our law firm is here to help. We handle all sorts of public transit injury claims including those involving tour buses, airport shuttles, casino buses, ski area shuttle buses and school buses.

Liability of Public Transit

Motor vehicle accidents may still be the most common type of road side accidents, but the number of people getting injured in public transit accidents is increasing. People get injured whether they are passengers, pedestrians, or people in the other vehicles. Many times, the injured person is not at fault so compensation for injuries can be claimed under tort laws.

Public transit personal injury cases have the potential for being very complex since it’s quite common for multiple parties to be involves and at fault. Should this be the case, there are different ways for the personal injury lawsuit to be handled.

Braff Injury Law Firm can help you file a lawsuit to get the claim against the driver or driver of the train or bus that caused your injury. It may also be possible, or necessary, to file a claim against the municipality if there is evidence that there was contributory negligence. If that is the case, the municipality may be held responsible for the injuries that you or other people sustained in the accident at Baldwin Park, Bellflower, Apple Valley and Placentia.

A privately owned and operated bus or train company may also be responsible for the injuries sustained, depending on the situation and the nature of the injuries. It doesn’t matter if the injuries were sustained during embarking or disembarking. As your legal team, Braff Injury Law Firm will look into all the options to help determine what can be done to best benefit you financially.  We will aggressively advocate for you irrespective of the fact whether your case ends up in court or can be resolved through negotiations as an out of court settlement.

Work with Us

Sometimes a case can be made or broken by the competency of your legal team. An excellent legal team will also help reduce the stress of the experience for you by taking on all the difficult paperwork and negotiations. With our law firm, you pay no fees up front and only pay when we win your case in Baldwin Park, Bellflower, Apple Valley and Placentia. If we don’t win, you don’t pay, it is as simple as that.