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There is no way to prepare for a permanent injury after an accident caused by the carelessness, recklessness or negligence of someone else. It’s not a life event that anyone can anticipate. While accidents are something that happen every day and the average person can prepare for the minor ones, it’s the unexpected, catastrophic ones that can cause the most stress and disruption to a person’s life.

We offer legal representation and consultation for victims of accidents that have been injured for no-fault of theirs. At Braff Injury Law Firm, we know that such insurance claims can be complex and getting the due justice and compensation can take a while. That is the reason we have a lot of clients seeking compensation and justice come to us for help in submitting a claim in Placentia.

Braff Injury Law Firm is a firm highly experienced in personal injury claims, especially those pertaining to accidents. Some of these types of personal injury claims are the most complicated types of claims filed. They deal with sensitive matters, in most cases, and require investigation into various sources since it doesn’t happen very often that the guilty party accepts blame for the accident unprompted.

Injuries sustained from accidents can be mild to severe or catastrophic. Sometimes the injuries sustained may initially appear mild but could quickly turn into something chronic that has a significant impact on the quality of life of the victim in Placentia. Braff Injury Law Firm has experience with all types of personal injury cases and knows what to do if the injuries sustained turn out to be more severe than initially thought.

Naturally, more severe injuries will require additional recovery time including the potential for months of rehabilitation. The injuries may turn out to be so severe that the victim is never able to make a full recovery and is permanently disabled.  The challenge with a severe injury is trying to fight for financial compensation while also trying to heal or recover. Let Braff Injury Law Firm take on the stress of the legal part of a personal injury claim so that you can heal.

Braff Injury Law Firm offers you skilled representation and fights on your behalf against insurance companies or the guilty party who caused you the injury. This means you will not have the additional stress of dealing with these individuals or organizations directly which can cause high levels of anxiety. We fight for the compensation you deserve and make sure that your rights are protected throughout the personal injury claim.

As our lawyers work on contingency basis, you don’t have to pay a cent till we win your claim and if we don’t win your case, which maybe a rarity, you don’t have to pay us. That is why it is important to seek legal assistance in Placentia as there are no upfront fee, when you work with one of the top lawyers at our law firm.

Personal Injury Claim Damages

Braff Injury Law Firm has many years of experience in a variety of personal injury claims whether they are caused by a dog bite, a motor vehicle, a slip and fall, a spinal cord injury or any other cause. There are factors that need to be assessed in order to get a rough idea of what you are entitled to financially in compensation. We will look into all those factors, assess the damages and then tell you what your case is worth. This means you do not need to worry about what to do to find out the amount of money you’re entitled to receive and can focus all your energy on healing. Our firm is ready to represent you in or out of court in in Placentia.

To give you an idea of what Braff Injury Law Firm looks into when assessing the compensation value of your claim, we’ve provided you a basic list. Here are a few factors to consider when determining your potential compensation.

  • Nature of your injuries
  • How serious are those injuries?
  • The level at which the injuries have impacted your quality of life
  • Determining if you’re able to continue to earn a living or retrain to earn a living
  • The impact of your injury on your activities of daily living from the basics like housekeeping to what you like to do for recreation

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