Orthopedic Injuries Attorney In Placentia, Bellflower, Baldwin Park and Apple Valley

One of the worst types of injuries to sustain is an orthopedic surgery since it can have such a significant impact on a person’s life. Orthopedic injuries can be caused by a variety of different ways from a sports injury, to a car accident to a pedestrian accident. If you’ve sustained an orthopedic injury and live in the Baldwin Park, Bellflower, Apple Valley and Placentia areas, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation. You can contact us as we are one of the best law firms in the area.

Explaining Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic is a catch all phrase to describe any type of musculoskeletal injury. These types of injuries take different forms. The most common types of orthopedic injuries are strains, sprains, and broken bones or fractures. To help you further understand orthopedic injuries, we’ve provided a brief explanation below. It’s crucial to see a medical professional for proper diagnosis. These brief explanations will give you an idea of what type of injury you may have.

  • Bones break and get fractured in different ways in order to be considered an orthopedic injury. They can be broken lengthwise, mid bone, or entirely across the bone. If the injury is sustained to a knee, ankle or hip, the injury is considered to be more serious in nature. This is because the person who has been injured becomes more susceptible to chronic pain, certain diseases or a permanent disability due to the injury.
  • Sprains and strains refer to an injury of the tendons, ligaments or muscles. To further break this down for easy understanding, strained involve damage to the muscles. During a sprain the ligaments are damaged. Such orthopedic injuries are placed into one of two categories: chronic and acute. Acute means the injury is short-term. It can still be debilitating during this short term period of healing. A chronic injury means the sprain or strain is long lasting with potentially recurring problems.

Some orthopedic injuries require implants or other surgical procedures to fix them. Any injury with damage to the nerves and adjacent tissue or displaced bones are categorized as severe orthopedic injuries in Baldwin Park, Bellflower, Apple Valley and Placentia.

Orthopedic injuries can often impact a person’s ability to hold a job and earn money. Financial devastation can be a very real possibility. An excellent personal injury lawyer, like Braff Injury Law Firm will do everything in their power to make sure financial devastation does not happen.

Reason for Injuries

In our practice, most of our clients who have suffered orthopedic injuries have done so as a result of a motor vehicle collision in Baldwin Park, Bellflower, Apple Valley and Placentia. Although this is the most common reason, it is not the only one. Individuals can suffer orthopedic injuries in the following situations as well:

  • Bicycle Accident
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Accidents In A Truck Or On A Motorcycle
  • Slip/Trip And Fall Accidents
  • Assault
  • Injuries During A Sporting Event

An orthopedic injury doesn’t need to financially devastate you or your family. We have helped thousands of people get compensated and can make all the difference in your financial future. Contact us today.