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Getting Treated For A Serious Burn Injury

A burn injury invites the appearance of more medical problems, than those associated with a more common injury, such as a broken bone. For that reason, the victim of a burn-related incident has good reason for seeking a generous compensation package.

The specialists that get called on to help with treating a burn victim include specialist in internal medicine, respiratory therapist, social worker, dietician, physical therapist, psychiatrist or a psychologist, specialist in infectious disease, plastic surgeon. Later on, during the rehabilitation phase, an occupational therapist can be of help.

There are examples of the approaches used during the treatment routine, which includes grafting skin from a non-exposed area onto a burn area, trying to reduce the level of the patient’s pain. The doctors will be administering extra fluids and keeping track of the patient’s intake and output.

Possible complications

• A wound becomes infected.
• Patient’s wounds make eating difficult.
• Patient’s wounds make breathing difficult.
• Patient becomes severely depressed.

Acts of negligence that can cause a burn injury

• A car gets hit and catches fire.
• Faulty wiring ignites a fire.
• Parents leave matches where children can find them.
• A circuit in the home gets overloaded.

Factors that give a personal injury lawyer the right to go after a large compensation package for a burned victim.

Scars could form, after the wounds have healed. The existence of permanent scarring allows the injury to be classed as the result of a catastrophic event. Juries tend to award more money to victims of a catastrophic event, as per personal injury lawyer in Bellflower. The experience causes the patient to show signs of emotional trauma that could force the inclusion of a psychiatrist or a psychologist on the treating team. The patient suffers a terrible financial loss, because he or she remains unable to work for such a long stretch of time.

The patient gets asked to undergo training on a new skill set, in order to avoid getting denied disability benefits. The patient may need the help offered by an occupational therapist or a vocational councilor, while undergoing that special training. The new skill set learned by the patient does not allow the patient to pursue a good-paying career. With that opportunity denied, the patient has reason for claiming a loss of potential earning opportunities.

The patient must pay for those that can help with chores around the home, as well as outdoors. That is an unexpected expense. If the patient needs to arrange for replacement of a lost vehicle. Arrangements should be made to fill that need. Plastic surgery could alter the patient’s appearance. That could affect the patient’s general outlook on life. That would create another challenge for a psychiatrist or psychologist.