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It is extremely unfortunate when you or a loved one is injured in an accident that was caused due to no-fault of yours but because of someone else’s carelessness and negligence. However, the fact is that accidents are part of life and though no one anticipates that happening, everyday there are accidents that leave people injured all over California.

Personal injury cases are the most complex claims that we handle at Braff Injury Law Firm. Additionally, some of these deal with very sensitive matters based on the nature of the injuries.  Our lawyers classify these claims in the range of minor to catastrophic, depending upon the level of injuries. Some might have got mildly injured and will recover soon while others might have sustained catastrophic injuries which may leave them permanently disabled. Thus, if you or a loved one has been injured due to someone’s fault, you are entitled to file for compensation with the help of one of the lawyers at Braff Injury Law Firm in Baldwin Park.

It is important that you don’t fight them without the assistance and guidance of an expert lawyer as the insurance company of the defendant will try to lowball you into accepting a lower amount as settlement. Allow us to help you get the compensation that you truly deserve and we will ensure that your rights are protected.

Damage Assessment

Injury claims involve a host of financial and emotional issues like medical costs, documentation and recovery from injuries that are paramount. We know that this is overwhelming and that is why that last thing that you need at this time is additional stress. Thus, it is vital that you contact Braff Injury Law Firm and get the necessary assistance.

Irrespective of whether you need to be compensated for car accident, orthopedic injuries or for an animal attack, we consider a host of factors while evaluating your claim. One of this is assessment of damages. This gives us a clear picture about the value of the claim and how much you can expect to gain as compensation if there is a lawsuit. The key considerations in judging the merits of the claim include:

  • Type and extent of your injuries
  • How the injuries have impacted your lifestyle
  • Your eligibility and capability to work and earn
  • Capacity to do everyday chores and recreational activities

Once the legal team at Braff Injury Law Firm in Baldwin Park has all of the details about your case, we’ll assess the punitive and compensatory damages which may be applicable in your case. After evaluating the claim, one of the lawyers will give you an honest opinion and allow you to take the decision about filing the claim.

Claim Damages

After an accident, you or a loved one that has been injured in the accident, is eligible to file for compensatory damages and losses that stem from the injuries due to the accident. The main reason for awarding the damages is to help the plaintiff or the accident victim cover for financial losses. Therefore, a lawyer can help you seek a fair amount of dollar figure for the injures and damages you underwent, which undermined the quality of your life. Some of the damages that are compensated include:

  • Loss of companionship and enjoyment
  • Emotional trauma
  • Housekeeping services
  • Hospital and medical treatment
  • Loss of wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damages to property

Additionally, the other type of damages in Baldwin Park that are awarded to the plaintiffs in some cases are punitive damages. These are only awarded when the defendant has been extremely careless or negligent. Though the damages are given to the plaintiff, the real reasons are to fine or punish the defendant for their carelessness and outrageous behavior.

Don’t settle for the paltry sum given by the insurance company but call us today. At Braff Injury Law Firm, we have helped thousands of people that were victims of accidents get the entitled amount of compensation. We work on contingency basis so you don’t even have to worry about hourly payments or upfront legal fees. Call us today and let us protect your legal rights.

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